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Patination Specialists Est. 1989

So back to work. In our case, a full order book managed every day by terrific staff.

We specialise in the patination of copper alloys, extruded, sheet or cast — BRONZE, BRASS, and COPPER. Offering both traditional and our, unique, variations.
Mild steel, Hot rolled pickled and oiled, Galvanised and Cast steel can be patinated to a black tone.

There are no dimension restrictions as we apply by hand. When weight exceeds 2500 kilo or transport is problematic we can patinate at the manufacturing factory in the UK or abroad.

We have supplied our skilled patinators for special projects in Jersey, Ireland, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany and as far away as Australia. If your project requires this approach please discuss with us how to plan ahead.

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Lost wax bronze foundry


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