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Patination Specialists Est. 1989

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We specialise in the patination of copper alloys, extruded, sheet or cast — BRONZE, BRASS, and COPPER. Offering both traditional and, our, unique variations.
Our patination of mild steel or galvanised and cast steel is limited to a black tone, sometimes finished with a graphite wax. Hot rolled steel needs the scale removed.

All our patinations on copper alloys or steel are finished with wax. All patinations will react to local ground conditions and local weather conditions. This is usually salt spotting or water marks. It is difficult to predict when and how much maintenance may be needed so we recommend an annual inspection to assess what action may be required.

We have supplied our skilled patinators for special projects in Jersey, Ireland, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany and as far away as Australia. If your project requires this approach please discuss with us how to plan ahead.

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