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Patination Specialists Est. 1989

Welcome to our web site.

Enjoy browsing through our many photographs of over 32 years of the patination of brass, bronze and copper.
Our unique codes help identify the patina most suited to your project. The patina is hand applied in keeping with our fine art background so expect variations of pattern and tone. We often change and develop a patina from a code to suit a clients wishes. All the patinations are finished with a hard wax for external or internal use.

We also offer basic dark black patination of steel with a hard wax finish. The surface of steel needs to be prepared by others – either blasting, sanding or acid cleaning before delivery to our works. The patination will not prevent rust if exposed internally to damp or externally to rain.

All patinations will react to local ground conditions and local weather conditions. This is usually salt spotting or water marks. It is difficult to predict when and how much maintenance may be needed so we recommend an annual inspection to assess what action may be required.

Please discuss with the office if your project needs to be patinated in situ or abroad, our skilled patinators will travel to carry out the patination required.

The Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) opened today. If you have the pleasure of riding it please check out our flagship station Bond Street. Hundreds of panels throughout the station. In the ticket halls , on columns, on the lifts , on the ceilings and externally on the windows. If you go as far as Woolwich you can walk past the columns down the centre of the platform. Over 4 years of work!

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