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Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Notice

We take the protection of personal date very seriously and have prepared for the new
GDPR regulations accordingly. As such we wish to provide you with further information
regarding the data we retain.

What data do we retain?
We may retain data specific to yourself, your company or your employer or your
employees. We only retain a minimum amount of data, but this may include contact
names, postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and bank details.

How is the data retained?
Any data we retain is stored securely as part of our customer and supplier records, with
only a limited amount of individuals able to access this information. We do not disclose
any of your data to any third party unless you first grant us your express permission to do
so and/or are required to by law.

Why is the data retained?
We retain the minimum amount of data needed and this data is strictly used for the
purposes of continuing to trade and conduct business with you. We consider the data we
hold essential in maintaining an effective ongoing business relationship with you, and
consequently if you do wish to restrict or remove the data we retain, please be aware that
the services we are able to provide you will likely be affected – alternative details may be
required if you wish to maintain an unaffected business relationship with us.

What to do next?
We would like you to confirm that you are still happy for us to retain your data. If you are,
then there is no need to do anything – if we don’t hear from you, we will accept this as
consent to us retaining your data. If you would like us to amend, restrict or remove your
data, please contact us by email at or by phone 0208 532 8838.